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t-shirtsBig Frog Custom T-Shirts & More is a franchised business based in Florida, and it has more than one location around the Twin Cities.  We’ve had the pleasure of working Bloomington for the past year.
Located on 98th Street and Lyndale Ave in Bloomington, they are right behind The Works museum. If you visit the museum, take a minute to stop into the shop and say hello.  They are super friendly and can offer so much variety.

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We need T-Shirts!
Wearing our Big Frog designed and printed t-shirts.

Last year, as our birthday party was quickly approaching, I went in search of a t-shirt maker.  I have this obsessive fascination with t-shirts and believe we always need one for anything we do.  Anne and Joy support me and agree it’s a great idea.  They, however, do not have the same obsession as I do.

Time was ticking away and I was getting desperate.  I started looking for anywhere I could print t-shirts.  Every company I ran across had a minimum order requirement and 2-week turn around. I was down to one week.
Only by a real-life miracle did I find Big Frog T-shirts.  24 Hour Turnaround?  No minimum?
This was exactly what I needed.
I called them in a panic–to be fair, I do a lot of things in a panic– and I was graciously greeted on the phone. I told the Sales-Girl (I will call her SG)  the need I had and when I needed them–less than 5 days.
t-shirts“Okay.  We have plenty of time. Just send me the design, and I will work up the prices for you,” SG calmly stated.
“WHAT?!  You can do that for me?” I screeched. I repeated exactly what I needed and by when. A couple of times.
“Yep, that shouldn’t be a problem at all. I’ll even figure it out a couple of different prices, and I will let you know what is the most affordable.”
I sent the images over to her, SG worked her magic.  I had affordable t-shirts the next day.  I think they were $12 or something crazy like that.
Now, I’m not saying you are guaranteed custom printed t-shirts for $12.  What I am guaranteeing you is great service, affordable prices, and a timeframe that works for you.

What you will find at Big Frog Custom T-Shirts & More
t-shirtsWhat services do you provide? All decorating on any type of garment!
How long have you been in business? Four years
How did Big Frog begin?  What are some crazy things you have printed?  Big Frog is a franchise based out of Florida.  We have printed everything from aprons to underwear, and everything in between!
bigfrog1What is the most challenging part of your work? Many times, color matching between the different art programs can be challenging.  Other than that, it’s keeping up with the demand during the busy seasons!   Challenging, but a good problem!
What has been the most rewarding experience?  Having our customer rate us a “10” on their experience with designing their shirts

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t-shirtsWe are pumped to have Big Frog Custom T-Shirts and More as a sponsor for our Monster Bash.  We believe it is worth the drive from the northern side of the metro to work with this awesome company.

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