Tree of Life at the In the Heart of the Beast May Day Parade and Festival in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Top 3 Reasons to Be an FFTC Partner

  1. We are the leading expert on local family fun.  
  2. We have a readership of almost 200,000 people, and they are from the Twin Cities LOOKING for you.  Let’s help them out.
  3. We keep up-to-date on the local activities, events, and businesses.  And our readers know they can trust us to give them accurate and current information.

Partnership Packages

Partnership Agreements are open from January 1-February 1, 2023.  Partnerships last for the year. 

If you are looking for a shorter and more timely promotion, we offer Email Promotion. It is available throughout the year for $20/week.

We have an average open rate of over 50%. We are very active with our email subscribers.

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With 14 Packages to choose from, your business can find the right fit for your budget and your audience.

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  • Play Package Cost: $250/year (unavailable for 2023)
  • Preschool Package Cost $100/year (unavailable for 2023)
  • Kids Eat Free and Cheap Package Cost: $300/year (unavailable for 2023)
  • Calendar Package  Cost: $750/year (unavailable for 2023)
  • Weekend Guide Package  Cost: $1200/year On our weekend post that is updated every week
  • School Breaks Package  Cost: $100/year (unavailable for 2023)
  • Email Package Cost: $600/year Our email is sent weekly to subscribers and occasionally there is a bonus email. We have more than 50% open rate, so while we have a small base of email subscribers, they are very loyal to Family Fun Twin Cities.
  • Christmas Guide Package Cost:  $2000/year
    • (articles include Ultimate Guide, Light it Up, HOmetown Christmas, Duluth During the Holidays, Christmas Cookies, Holiday Festivals, Christmas Shows, Drive Thru, Top 10, Holiday Shopping Events, Santa Clause, Planes, Trains, & Sleighs, Christmas Music, Christmas Trees, Early Holiday Events, New Years)

    Easter Guide Package Cost: $250/year (Open on Easter, Easter Crafts, 4 Simple Easter Decorations, Easter Bunny Photos, Easter Egg Hunts)
  • Halloween Guide Package Cost: $2000/year (articles include Ultimate Guide, School Halloween Treats, Halloween Decor, Halloween @ Home, Teens and Tweens, Paid Halloween Events, Free Halloween Events, Top 10 events, Halloweenin the parks, Trick or Treat Trails, Trick or Treat Grocery Stores and Markets, Trick or Treat Malls, Shopping Centers, Halloween Nature Centers)
  • Fireworks Package Cost: $250/year
  • Winter Package Cost: $400 (unavailable for 2023)
  • Spring Package Cost: $250 (Articles include Ultimate Guide to Spring, Festivals, Earth Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Farm Babies, Parks, Nature Playgrounds, Nature Centers, Farmers Markets)
  • Summer Package Cost: $2000
    • (Articles include Splash Happy, 40 Best Splash Pads and Wading Pools, 10 Best Playgrounds, June Festivals, July Festivals, August Festivals, Parades, Mini Golf, Fishing, Disc Golf, SUmmer Movies, Summer Community Pages (4), Outdoor Dining, Pizza Farms, Food Trucks, Ice Cream Shops, FroYo)
  • Fall Package Cost $750  (Articles include Fall Colors, Orchards, Pumpkins, Corn Maze, Farmers Markets, Fall Guide, Renaissance Festival)
 FFTC reserves the right to accept or deny any partnership request.
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