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Why Should You Be a Part of FFTC's Birthday Party Guide?

Top 3 Reasons to promote your venue on the FFTC Birthday Party Guide

  1. We are the leading expert on Family Fun in the Twin Cities.  We have been featured on the local mainstream media like KTIS,  KARE 11, WCCO, and the Star Tribune. When I’m on air, occasionally I mention specific venues for different activities when I remember them.  And who do I remember?  Our partners. 
  2. We continue to work to make our content–guides, articles, round-ups, etc–easy to read and navigate.  We are more than an outdated mommy blog.  We are a current, dependable resource for Twin Cities’ families.
  3. We have a readership of approximately 200,000 people. They need help finding you. 

Birthday Party Guide Packages

Laura Purdie Salas Reads If You Were The Moon

Four Options for Your Birthday Party Venue

Want to see what the Birthday Party Guide looks like before you commit to a listing? 

Click here to go to the Guide page and then look around to see the different pages.

  • Free (basic information)–Limit one listing per venue,
  • Upgraded Level 1 Listing $25/link
  • Upgraded Level 2 Listing $75/Entry with image and description and one link.  Each link listed under your information is $25.
  • Featured Listing $115/Entry with image and description, one link, and featured location on one page. Each link listed under the featured spot is $25. 
 FFTC reserves the right to accept or deny all birthday party submissions.
Free listings are in alphabetical order under the featured and upgraded listings.
We will invoice you for the total of your submission.  Your listing will go live once the invoice is paid in full.
Is this your first foray into birthday parties?  Start with a Free Listing and get a feel for how it works.

Each Upgraded Level 1 Birthday Party  Listing includes 

  • all the basic venue information (Free)
  • one link ($25)

Each Upgraded Level 2 Birthday Party  Listing includes 

  • all the basic venue information (Free)
  • one link ($25)
  • image and 50-100 word description ($50)

FFTC’s Featured Birthday Party Listing includes:

  • all the basic venue info (Free) 
  • one link ($25)
  • 50-100 word description ($25)
  • image — 600 x 400 ($25)
  • placement at the top of one page’s section and/or subsection ($40)

We will invoice you the total for your submission. It will go live when invoice is paid.

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