Austin, Trevor, and Connor Bartz Embrace the Winter and Touch the Whole Country With Their Snow

You may remember these guys. They are New Brighton’s very own snow sculpture dudes–the Bartz Brothers! 

The Snow Sculpture was officially finished and unveiled to the public with lights and all at 4:00 on January 7, 2015.

Want to see what they created?

January 7, 2015 Unveiling:

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You don’t want to miss this!  

Address: 2777 16th St. NW, New Brighton, MN  55112

Lights are on until 11:00 p.m.

January 3, 2015 Update:

They live north of 694 off Silver Lake Road.  They have made their front yard the home of colossal snow sculptures becoming quite skilled.

Last year they created the Snow Shark.  Sharkie became so popular, the Bartz family received national attention.

Snow Sculpture
Giant Snow Shark trying to scare the snow away!


In their 4th year and after a puffer fish, walrus and the infamous shark, the Bartz brothers are going even bigger this time.  My family has been anxiously awaiting the unveiling of the sea creature.  So anxious, in fact, that I contacted them right before Christmas to ask if they have started to build it. 

Austin–a sophomore at Northwestern University in St. Paul–invited us to stop by.  We didn’t really get over there until the snow started melting. However, they had already begun piling the snow and had a pretty good reserve collected. 

However, when we drove over there, this is what we saw. 

Snow Sculpture Started
Heatwave in December made building the Snow Sculpture almost impossible.

Saying the kids were disappointed is an understatement. 

But then, the weather took a turn.  Some would say for the worse, but the Bartz brothers would disagree.  The cold and the snow was just what they needed. 

Not long after the temperatures dropped and the snow fell we made it back to their house. 

And this is what we saw.

Snow Sculpture Snowpile
Growing Snowpile

In my van, you could hear shouts of glee and guesses of what it could be.


“Clam Shell”


No holds were barred with their guesses. 

All three were home, so they dressed quickly in their snowgear and came outside to carefully answer our questions. The secret was still in the bag.  Connor–a sophomore at Calvin Christian School–is the only one living at home.  Like I stated, Austin is in college in St. Paul,  and Trevor has started college at Dordt College in Iowa.  So this was the only time the brothers were able to work together to complete the project.


These guys work with a huge smile on their faces.  The bitterly cold wind cuts across their face and yet, they keep going.  In the world’s eyes, they gain nothing from this labor of love.  But they know they are getting so much more than recognition and silver.  

They are spending priceless time together.  They are enjoying the outdoors.  They are bringing  hope and smiles to the face of the people of Minnesota.  And as last year proves, the whole country.


On New Year’s Eve, the brothers said they were shooting for January 7 as their big reveal.  

Three days later, that reveal date was confirmed. 

Location:   2777 16th St. NW, New Brighton, MN  55112

Here’s a sneak peak–what do you think it could be? 

Snow Sculpting at Work
Just a little sneak peek of the guys at work

3 (Young) Men and Their Baby Snow Sculpture

This post was published in January 2015
by Gianna Kordatzky


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