Bartz Brothers Snow Sculpture: Austin, Trevor, and Connor Bartz Embrace the Winter and Touch the Whole Country With Their Snow

Austin, Trevor and Connor Bartz, the artists behind the Bartz Brothers Snow Sculptures, have announced that they won’t be creating a snow sculpture during the winter season of 2021/22, but they hope to be back next year.
Unfortunately there will be no snow sculpture this year We have a lot of planning to do, tools to make & ideas to think about for next year! It’s been a crazy busy year for us. ? We are excited for next year!
– Austin, Trevor & Connor Bartz

You may remember these guys. They are New Brighton’s very own snow sculpture dudes–the Bartz Brothers! They have been creating amazing sculptures since 2013.  They aren’t teenagers anymore, so it is not surprising that they have busy lives.

However, stay tuned. We hope to see talent like this continue and can’t wait to welcome them back next year.  In the meantime, you can peruse the Bartz Snow Sculptures Facebook page for to see their past creations and maybe inspire your own children to get out and build “The Most Magnificent Snow Sculpture”.  You can even watch a video of the process they use to build these gigantic creations.

Below are pictures that Gianna has taken of past sculptures from past years.

2014-2015 Snow Sculpture:

During the winter of 2014-2015, the brothers were back at it. Despite a warm spell, they managed to create a intricate snow sea turtle sculpture.


2013-2014 Snow Sculpture:

Sharkie became so popular, the Bartz family received national attention.

Bartz Brothers Snow Sculpture of a Shark in 2013, New Brighton, Minnesota

These guys work with a huge smile on their faces.  The bitterly cold wind cuts across their face and yet, they keep going.  In the world’s eyes, they gain nothing from this labor of love.  But they know they are getting so much more than recognition and silver.

They are spending priceless time together.  They are enjoying the outdoors.  They are bringing  hope and smiles to the face of the people of Minnesota.  And as last year proves, the whole country.

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