Audrey Saves the Universe – Review and Parental Guidance

Autumn Ness as Audrey and Reed Sigmund as Kyle in 'Audrey Saves the Universe'

Children’s Theatre Company’s final virtual play of the 2020-2021 season is Audrey Saves the Universe — a mini-series created by CTC Acting Company members, Autumn Ness and Reed Sigmund. And, it is a great ending to this unprecedented season.

Ness and Sigmund created, wrote, filmed, and produced the show in their own home during the past year. It was so much fun to watch with my kids.

Reed Sigmund as Kyle and Autumn Ness as Audrey in Audrey Saves the Universe
Image courtesy of Children’s Theatre Company

Audrey Saves the Universe

I adore Autumn Ness and Reed Sigmund and it was a treat to watch this short series on my couch. On a side note, replacing our television with a projector turned out to be a wonderful bonus during this last year of streaming everything. If you can watch this show on a bigger screen, it will be much better, but don’t let a small screen stop you from enjoying it. You’ll giggle all the way through this series of videos.

Autumn Ness as Audrey in Audrey Saves the Universe
Image courtesy of Children’s Theatre Company

The entire 7-episode series is 90 minutes strung together.  I made my kids sit through it all at once because I had a review to write, but I would recommend breaking it up over a week if your kids are smaller. My 9-year-old wandered off and then asked me how it ended the next day.  In the future, I would let them lead on how much to watch in a single sitting.

About Audrey Saves the Universe

Audrey is a nine-year-old girl…who happens to be the greatest filmmaker in the world! Possessed by her ambitions and high standards, Audrey is egocentric, demanding, and hilariously extreme. Part Ed Wood, part classic Gilda Radner character, Judy Miller, Audrey creates whole planets, grand stories, music, and special effects…with no budget and no crew. As Audrey shoots her masterpiece, she struggles with school bullies and constant creative setbacks (like getting grounded!). As she stages the climactic final battle, she uncovers the superpowers she holds within her.


  • Audrey Saves the Universe runs May 7-28, 2021
    Tickets are pay what you will, starting at $15.  This covers the whole family, so it is one of the cheapest CTC productions you’ll see – especially for a big family.
  • Tickets and more information can be found at

Parental Guidance & Age Recommendation

CTC recommends this production for All Ages. It does tackle the subject of bullying, which could be difficult for some children. However, they do it in a humorous manner and the entire film is uplifting. My sensitive 9-year-old had to leave the room during a scene where Audrey falls out of at tree and breaks her arm and was on the edge of his seat for a few other scenes. These are very short and funny scenes, however. For more adventurous kids, you may need to remind them when Audrey and her cousin Kyle do things that you wouldn’t want them imitating.

Final Thoughts on Audrey Saves the Universe

I loved this production and highly recommend it. I would love to see more streaming options like this in the future – even after we get to go back to live performances.

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