Art in Bloom / MIA’s Annual Spring Event

When I was a senior in college, 3 months away from my wedding date, my roommate and I planned a roommate day together. We decided to enjoy the Twin Cities by heading out to Art in Bloom at the Minneapolis Institute of Art.

Art in Bloom / MIA's Annual Spring Event

Fifteen years ago, two small town girls drove into the big city to try to find a museum that was featuring flower displays.

Did we get lost?  Yes.

Did we eventually find it?  Yes.

Did we enjoy it?  Let me just put it this way. I have been waiting for 15 years to go back and finally this weekend, I may actually get to see it. The best part about this annual event is that even if our feisty Minnesota weather is being fickle, we can still pretend it’s warm!

Art in Bloom is a celebration of beauty. There are over 150 floral arrangements interpreting art pieces.

It’s time for Gianna to be a truthful and once again admit that I don’t get art. I like pretty pictures and cool artifacts, but I have never exactly understood art. I say all this to let you know that if I don’t get art itself, there is a high possibility that I won’t understand the floral arrangements interpreting the art pieces.


I still love the MIA and I love beautiful flower arrangements, so this event is a win/win no matter if you are an art-buff or not.

Art in Bloom is going on Thursday-Sunday during museum hours.  Saturday from 10:30 am-1:00 pm is Family Day with special activities–scavenger hunt, craft, and 3D chalk drawing– for those youngerly-minded.  But even if you can’t make it on Saturday or have teens, this 4-day event is a perfect for the spring!

2022 Art in Bloom

Minneapolis Institute of Art, 2400 Third Avenue South, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55404
(888) MIA-ARTS (642-2787) (Toll Free)

April 28 – May 1, 2022

Art in Bloom Weekend Events

  • Daily Public Tours – April 28-May 1
  • Flower Power: Floral Themes in Art with Lisa Michaux, PhD – April 28, 11 am
  • Live & In Bloom: Floral Demonstrations by Bachman’s – April 30, 1 pm
  • Best for Families with Small Children: Art in Bloom Family Event May 1, 10 am

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