Family Fun: Annual Art Sled Rally in Minneapolis

Julian McFaul has been at it for a decade and doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

And even if he did, the Art Sled Rally has taken on a life of its own and could continue without him.

Family Fun: Annual Art Sled Rally in Minneapolis

Is this Pac-Man?

Art Sled Rally (10th Annual)
Powderhorn Park–Western Slopes
3400 15th Ave. S
Saturday, January 27 2 pm

Art Sled Rally Workshops
2714 East 27th St., Minneapolis
Saturday Jan 20, 10am-3pm


Art Sled Rally (2nd Annual)
Farview Park–Western Slopes
621 N. 29th Ave
Saturday, February 3, 2 pm

Art Sled Rally Workshops
2714 East 27th St., Minneapolis
Friday, Jan 26 & Saturday, Jan 27 6 pm-10 pm

Disclaimer on the website: “The Art Sled Rally will not be canceled, postponed, or moved to a different date in any circumstance. The Rally will proceed as planned. Weather conditions will inform the nature of the sledding, as always. Thanks!”

On the last Saturday of January, droves of creatively competitive people flock to the western slopes of Powderhorn Park.  There a race course aligned by bales of hay and flags is marked out for all who participate.

Family Fun: Annual Art Sled Rally in Minneapolis

It’s not exactly summer.

“We wanted to bring the MayDay spirit to January,” Julian McFaul stated.  Powderhorn Park is where the MayDay Festival takes place, so it only seemed appropriate to bring people back to this location to chase away their winter weariness.

What makes the Art Sled Rally so fun is the the creative sleds that are displayed and then crash in a mighty display at the bottom of the hill.

And here’s another example of the creativity!

Like I said, the Art Sled Rally takes place every year on the last Saturday of January at 2:00 p.m. at Powderhorn Park in Minneapolis

You can come and sign your waivers, slap on your helmet, and head down the hill on your Art Sled.  Or you can participate with others in the Art Sled Rally community at the Workshops they are holding at Bedlam Design Center.

You don’t want to miss this event.  It’s sure to be a blast!


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