ANASTASIA at the Orpheum Theatre, Review and Parents Guide

Anastasia and the ghosts in the ballroom - Kyla Stone (Anya) and The Company of The North American Tour of ANASTASIA – Photo by Jeremy Daniel(1826)

I was in college when Anastasia was an animated hit. I remember wanting one of the songs from the movie soundtrack in my wedding. I loved it that much.  So when I learned that there was a new Broadway musical based on the 20th Century Fox animated movie, it wasn’t even a question of if I could go but of when I would be there.

Photo Credits to Jeremy Daniel, Courtesy Hennepin Theatre Trust and Broadway
FFTC received tickets in exchange for promotion.  This review is my own

What to Know Before You Go

You don’t need to know anything before you.  You can go into the whole experience blind and enjoy yourself to your heart’s content.  However, when I went to the show I brought my 15 year old.  If I was bringing a younger child, maybe under 10, knowing these things could be helpful.

  1. To be able to attend you must wear a mask, bring your ID, and show proof of vaccination or a negative test. To learn more about the Covid policy, click here. I’m so happy to be going back to the theatre, I will do what I need to return to enjoying the arts.
  2. Anastasia is all bigger than life. This is a Broadway Show and it doesn’t disappoint.  The set, the costumes, the props are all full of color. There are big emotions and bigger actions. It’s great fun and slightly unbelievable.  The scary parts are loud and the funny parts comical.  It’s a musical so people will be singing and dancing when in real life they wouldn’t be.
    Anastasia and Nana
  3. There are some changes to our beloved 90’s Anastasia. As in many movies turned Broadway shows, there are more songs, there are different songs, and there are changes in song lyrics. Hold what you know loosely, and enjoy what you recognize and appreciate what you are experiencing for the first time.  This is a more grown up version.  When the Bolsheviks capture the Romanovs, it’s pretty scary.  But it goes by fairly quickly. (I closed my eyes during a lot of that part–it’s not gruesome.  Just loud and bright and intense)  Also, the romance between Vlad and Countess Lily  is a bit suggestive.  But it’s humorous and completely appropriate.  One more thing.  Don’t go looking for Rasputin.  He isn’t a part of the storyline.  Instead our villain is Commander Gleb .
  4. Age Recommendation for Anastasia:  Age 8 and older.  Orpheum Theatre invites kids ages 5 and older into their shows as long as they are respectful theatre-goers.  This storyline is a little complicated and there are some scary parts (like I have already mentioned), but if you sit in the balcony with a younger child, I think they will love it.  Sitting in the balcony keeps them a bit farther away from the stage when the story is at its most intense.
  5.  The diverse cast is refreshing. There are many People of Color in the show playing significant roles.  To name a couple, Anya is played by Kyla Stone, and Tsar Nicholas II is played by Christian McQueen.  I’m so glad to see principal parts going to POC.

Anastasia and DmitriHow to Take Anastasia With You

While you can’t take Anastasia home in your pocket, the fun doesn’t have to end when you leave the Orpheum.

  1. Listen to the Broadway production soundtrack on Spotify . Click here for the album on that platform.
  2. Read a another retelling of  the Anastasia Romanov legend.
    I Was Anastasia  is an option for the grow-ups. Click here to learn more about this novel. 

    Anastasia in Paris
    The Company of the North American Tour of ANASTASIA – Photo by Jeremy Daniel (2663)

    Another option, if you are a Young Adult reader, is The Diamond Secret.  Click here to discover more.Or for the picture book lover, you can pull out Russian fairy tales.  Bookshop currently has this one in stock.

  3. Visit  the Museum of Russian Art in South Minneapolis. You can read about this museum by clicking here.  They offer free tours where you could probably ask the docents more about the Romanovs.

Anastasia at the balletMore About Broadway’s Anastasia

ANASTASIA is a legendary story about a woman searching for her identity. It is a wonderful mystery, full of adventure and romance.
Pursued by a ruthless Soviet officer determined to silence her, Anya enlists the aid of a dashing conman and a lovable ex-aristocrat. Together, they embark on an epic adventure to help her find home, love and  family.
This is a stage version for a modern theater audience. Anastasia is not a direct adaptation of the animated
film. The script takes the legend of ANASTASIA and creates a completely new version for the stage. Fans
of both films as well as students of Romanov history have completely embraced the musical.

Among its opulent settings and dazzling costumes, ANASTASIA features a soaring score including
favorites from the animated film, “Journey to the Past” and “Once Upon a December” as well as brand new music and songs.

-From Hennepin Theatre Trust and Broadway’s press release

Anastasia and Nana ReunitedParents Guide

Three things I think you should consider as a parent.

  1. The age of your child. You know your child and what they like, can handle, and are captured by.  Like I stated earlier, I think my kids could have enjoyed the show and handled the intense bits at age 8.  I know other kids who would have been fine at 5 and not until they were 15.  I’m basing my recommendation  on sensitivity.
  2. Vaccine/Negative Test status. Most places  you go in Minneapolis during this current Covid climate, this is going to be asked of patrons.  Make your decision before you purchase your tickets.  It’s not the workers who make this decision.  They are just the ones that need to enforce it.
  3. How to Dress.  In the actual house (where the show takes place), it was very comfortable–even a bit on the too warm side , though that is my preference in winter.  But the hallways and the skyways are pretty cool.  Dress in layers.

Show and Ticketing Information

Show runs December 7-19, 2021 at the historic Orpheum Theatre in downtown Minneapolis

Ticket prices range from  $40-$146.

December 15 is Kids Night when kids get their tickets for 50% off.

Click here to purchase tickets.

If you are interested in more theatre options for you and  your kids, FFTC has collected them on our Performing Arts Calendar Page. Click here to learn more about what is happening on stage in the Twin Cities.



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