6 Family Streaming Recommendations from the Minneapolis St. Paul Film Society

As you may already know, like everything else, the Minneapolis St. Paul Film Festival is on hold this spring. Normally held for 3 weeks in April, this year it will have to wait until public gatherings are advisable again. Not to worry, this week’s newsletter offered some family streaming recommendations suggested by the staff of the Film Society. Several of these suggestions assume you have an Amazon Prime membership. The link below is an affiliate link and Family Fun Twin Cities receives a small commission if you sign up through us.

Family Streaming Recommendations from MSP Film Society

  1. Jesse Bishop, Programming Director recommends the stop-animation series Tumble Leaf. His toddler loves it. It is currently streaming on Amazon and included in your Prime Membership.
  2. Craig Rice, Youth & Adult Educational Programming recommends the documentary about Minneapolis’s Lucy Laney Elementary: Love Them First. Available on the film’s website through YouTube.
  3. Deb Gridwood, Childish Films and & Nextwave Director suggests one of my favorite Movies, Belle & Sebastian. Included with your Prime Membership.
  4. She also suggests, Out School, which streams online film discussions, classes, and activities for ages 7 to 18 including a whole series on Studio Ghibli animation (My Neighbor Totoro).
  5. Andrew Lussenhop, Content Manager recommends the PG movie Nova Seed. Stream the full movie on YouTube.
  6. His TV Show recommendation is The Cartoon Network series, Adventure Time (also PG), available on Hulu.

Want more ideas? These suggestions came from their newsletter, which included adult suggestions as well as these family-friendly ideas. Sign up for their newsletter at the bottom of this webpage.

If You Just Want a List of Movies

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Your Turn

What are you watching at home these days? Drop us a comment and share with the community. No judgment, but if you can share age recommendations, and any other helpful parental guidance, the community would appreciate it.


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