5 Ways to Give Back to Those in Need

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Saturday, November 22 is National Family Volunteering Day!  Doing Good Together has organized a Family Service Fair at Midtown Global Market from 5:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m.  Go, learn about some useful organizations, and devote some time to helping others.

volunteer_thumbnailNot everyone goes through a time in their lives when they need a helping hand, but many do.  Being one of those who has needed a helping hand, I have to say  that it’s a very humbling experience.  No one wants to be in need.

So while I offer suggestions for us to be able to give back or pay it forward to those in need, I want to make sure we understand that it’s not because we are better than anyone.  We choose to give to those in need because we know at any moment, it could be us.  We choose to give with maturity and respect because if we were in their shoes, we would not want to be looked down upon.  We choose to give because giving builds compassion in our hearts for the person/family with a face and a name.  We choose to give to help our friend.

Here are some suggestions of family fun in giving.

  • Ring Bells at Salvation Army’s Red Kettles
    • One of the most fun things to do is to take an hour out of your day with your kids, bundle up, and go ring some bells to raise money for those in need.  People love seeing kids participate–there is something extremely heart-warming when a child cheers for their donation.
  • Donate gently used coats to a coat drive
    • Living in Minnesota is cold.  If you have extra coats your children have grown out of or don’t want that are still in good condition, donate them.  The Salvation Army can help you with where to bring them.
  • This is one of my recent CSA shares, but you can find similar local produce at the Farmers Market

    This is one of my recent CSA shares, but you can find similar local produce at the Farmers Market

    Bring children with when you go to Food Shelf to donate

    • This summer, we went to our local food shelf a lot donating produce from our garden.  The volunteers and staff welcome you with open arms when you bring a donation.  KARE 11 is doing their Annual Food Fight on Tuesday, November 25.  Bring your kids to your favorite anchor’s location, donate, and help them win the food fight.
  • Collect loose change together and donate it
    • Bring your loose coins into a local TCF Bank.  Use the coin machine and when the counter has produced a receipt, give it to the teller with the name of a charity partner you want to support.
  • Make baby supply kit for newborns in need
    • Babies have lots of needs and it’s great fun to help supply moms and dads with the supplies they need.
  • Make a meal for a family in need  
    • Contact your local church or Salvation Army.  They will give you the necessary information you need if you tell them you would like to feed those who are hungry.  There are shelters throughout the metro that would love help especially during the holiday season. 


Even-if-your-childIf none of these ideas seem like a good fit, here are some resources to find the best one for your family. 

Volunteer Match

Volunteer Guide

Hands & Feet App

Doing Good Together

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