5 Ways to Give Back to Community

Death and Taxes–that’s what we can be sure of.  But we can’t be sure that the taxes we pay with help our community, so that’s up to us.  If we want to live in a community that is thriving, it’s up to us to care about each other and give back to the community.

When I drive through my neighborhood, I love the fact that I am starting to recognize people.  Most of that has to do with the fact that my kids are in school now and I am running into the same people at the different activities.  The part of it is that we are getting involved and working with our neighbors.  Giving back to the community benefits both the environment and your relationships.Farmer's Market Stand - 5 Ways to give back to community

This list is just some simple ways to consider to give back to community.

  1. Clean up a park. Get together with another family or two and grab workgloves and some plastic bags. Head to your nearest park and spruce it up a little. If you bring a rake, you can smooth out woodchips or sand, too.  And the littlest ones can play when they are tired for doing good. Many municipalities offer organized clean up dates in April.
  2. Visit a nursing home. The elderly or ill should not be overlooked.  They have so much to offer in softening your heart, helping you appreciate them, and enlightening your perspective. Follow the Glenn of Hopkins to get notice of organized intergenerational play times.
  3. Participate in community fundraisers. One of my favorite nights now is Culver’s Night. It’s a fundraiser for school and we head out to Culver’s for supper because I don’t want to cook.  And what a great reason to avoid cooking!  I always cheer when it’s Culver’s Night.
  4. Support businesses that donate to organizations. This holiday season, shop for Christmas presents at stores that donate to charities. Either financially or with physical items. For instance, purchasing through Creative Kidstuff website contributes to their charity partner, Greater Good.
  5. Be a family advocate for something you strongly support. Get your whole family behind a cause and participate in fundraisers or educational promotions. Our family supports a crisis pregnancy center by participating in fundraisers. We help out in their office together, and we celebrate milestones together. It is great fun doing this together as a family.

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