5 Barre Exercises With Baby

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Barre Exercises with baby? You BET! Grab some comfortable workout clothing and your ballet shoes (or just go barefoot). We want to introduce you to Tori Levine, founder and owner of Babies at the Barre™. She has a passion to help mamas feel good about themselves, increase flexibility, rebuild abdominals and pelvic floor, and tone muscles. Welcome Tori!

The push to get back into pre-pregnancy shape soon after baby is born can be daunting! Who wants to leave baby at home with a babysitter and miss out on the ‘all important’ bonding to go to the gym? Try these 5 barre exercises with baby in a baby carrier; you’ll strengthen muscles weakened during pregnancy and birth with this low-impact barre workout while keeping baby snuggled close. Grab the back of a chair, the kitchen counter, or even the side of baby’s crib to use as your barre.

Don’t have a secure baby carrier? No problem! These exercises can all be done while holding baby close. Mom will get a low impact-toning workout and your baby will get some gentle movement in the safety of your arms.

The 5 Simple Barre Exercises with Baby

Marching – Begin standing with your feet together and hands down by your sides. Start by lifting one leg and then the other, a simple march. Add in a reach to the ceiling with your left arm while your right leg is lifted and continue alternating arms and legs for a set of 30. Keep your shoulder blades squeezed together, your belly button pulled into your spine, and your pelvic floor squeezed and lifted (think Kegel exercises).

Tori Levine, barre exercises with baby
Start with a simple march.

Small Standing Abdominal Crunches/Hip Circles

Begin with your feet hip width apart, toes slightly turned out, and knees bent (think semi-squat position). Pull your belly button into your spine, squeeze your abs and pelvic floor while slightly tucking your pelvis under. Release the squeeze and return your pelvis to neutral. Repeat for three sets of 10. Add in 10 hip circles to the right and left to start working your obliques.

Tori Levine, barre Exercises
Abdominal exercises help with posture


With you feet slightly turned out and heels together begin by lifting your heels off the floor (think calf raises). Lift and lower your heels back to the floor for 30 times. For added difficulty, don’t lower your heels all the way to the floor, only drop and raise them and inch from the top of your relevé. As you get stronger add in additional sets of 10.

Barre Exercises, Tori Levine
A little toning for the lower body

Pliés in Relevé

From a relevé position, bend and straighten your knees (think squat with your heels lifted). Repeat for three sets of 10. For added difficulty, remain at the bottom of your plié and pulse up and down about an inch, always keeping a bend in the knees, for a count of 20.

Remember to keep your abdominals and pelvic floor squeezed and your tush lifted.

barre exercises, Tori Levine
Build endurance to fight fatigue

Donkey Kicks

Stand on your right leg with your left leg bent and heel lifted to the ceiling behind you. With the movement coming from your hip, pulse your heel up and down to the ceiling 30 times.

Remember to keep your abs engaged and your seat lifted. Your shoulders and hips should remain square to the barre. For added difficulty bend your bottom leg.

Tori Levine, barre Exercises
New mom and baby

Enjoy you’re quick workout at home with baby…but most importantly…enjoy baby!

More Ideas for Barre Exercise With Baby

For more exercises you can do at home with baby, both in and out of a carrier, subscribe to the Babies at the Barre™ YouTube Channel. Looking for a Babies at the Barre™ exercise class? Visit www.babiesatthebarre.com to search for a class near you.

As a certified pre/postnatal fitness educator and former dancer, Tori Levine developed Babies at the Barre™ method to get moms back in shape without damaging their healing bodies. Tori lives in Pennsylvania with her husband, son, and dog. When she’s not teaching barre or pilates classes you can find her at home with her son or at a local playgroup/activity.

This article was originally written in March of 2016

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