31 Dates in July: Romantic Outings – With or Without The Kids

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This month, my husband and I will celebrate our 21st wedding anniversary.  This is a significant one to me, because I was 21 when we married.  Sometime this year, I will have been a part of this unit longer than I was ever single.

We’ve had far from a fairy-tale marriage.  In those 21 years, we’ve battled debt and dug out and gone back in and dug out again; we’ve lost people we love and added unexpected family members (who we love); we’ve hurt each other, sought forgiveness, held grudges and forgave as best we could.  We found our faith together, lost it separately and are seeking to rebuild it stronger together again.

Through all our ups and downs, I’ve maintained a deep belief in the importance of romance.  I don’t need expensive get-a-ways or fancy dinners. Coffee on the back porch is one of my favorite romantic dates (even with an oversized puppy who thinks if I’m sitting I should be tossing a ball and a toddler who sees it as lap time).  We don’t have family nearby, so dates need to be pre-planned and budgeted or include our children.  I’m okay with this.  We find other times to be alone, and I understand there is a season for everything.  Someday it will be just us again.

July, to me, is the most romantic month.  The days go on forever — with dusk falling somewhere around 9 p.m.  There are fireworks and ice cream socials and countless opportunities for picnics.  So I thought this would be a good month to think about dates we can go on even when with a tight budget and kids.  In celebration of my anniversary month, here is a list of romantic things to do this July – with or without the kids.

Bloomington’s Summer Fete, every year on July 3 at Normandale Lake Park.

Week One

July 1st:  Minnesota History Center – Nine Nights of Music – Café Accordion Orchestra

July 2nd:  Sample Night Live.

July 3rd:  Bloomington Summer Fete – Festival and Fireworks

July 4th: Minneapolis Red, White & Boom – Festival and Fireworks

July 5th: Summer Wildflower Walk – Eloise Butler Wildflower Gardens.  You don’t have to own them for flowers to be romantic.

Week Two

Join us for a Family Fun Twin Cities Play Date on July 11th.

Join us for a Family Fun Twin Cities Play Date on July 11th.

July 6th: Spend the Day at the Beach and Grill Out

July 7th: Ice Cream Days – Root Beer Floats at Duluth & Case Recreation Center ($1/pp)

July 8th: A trip to Como Zoo to visit the Summer Flower Show

July 9th: Romantic Picnic in the Park (Here is link to a list of 25 Romantic Little Foods to Bring on a Picnic.  Most of them are also really kid-friendly)

July 10th – Music in Mears with Fort Wilson Riot & Communist Daughter (followed by a movie if you want)

July 11th – Grease at Lake Harriet Bandshell (Part of Our Family Fun Twin Cities Play Date!)

July 12th: Second Saturdays at the California Building – Like An Art Crawl – without the crowds (and don’t forget to view the full moon tonight!)

Week Three

Public Theater: Theater for people who like a good story (and hanging with friends new and old)

July 13th: “Macbeth” Presented by Public Theater of Minnesota

July 14th: Ice Cream Days – Chocolate Peanut Parfaits at Duluth & Case Recreation Center ($1/pp)

July 15th: Coffee Date (go out or stay home with these recipes)

July 16th: Meet for Lunch (at your favorite restaurant or bring a brown bag lunch to share)

July 17th: Third Thursday at the MIA (I suggest getting there by 6 p.m. and leaving by 8 p.m if you plan to take the kids on this date)

July 18th: Universe in the Park at William O’Brien State Park

July 19th: CommunityMosaic – St. Louis Park

Week Four

Photo of Silverwood Park Courtesy of Three Rivers Park District.

July 20th: Walk With A Naturalist at Silverwood Park

July 21st: Ice Cream Days – Ice Cream Cones at Duluth & Case Recreation Center ($1/pp)

July 22nd: Buy Fresh Ingredients and Make a Gourmet Meal Together

July 23rd: Fourth Wednesday Heart of the City Tour (Reservations required:651.292.3237)

July 24th: Ordway’s Summer Dance Series – Ballroom

July 25th – Breakfast at Tiffany’sLake Harriet Bandshell

July 26th – Free Ink Day at Highpoint

Splash pads don't have to be just for kids

Splash pads don’t have to be just for kids

Week Five

July 27th – Music in the Parks – Como – Como Pops Ensemble

July 28th: Get Soaked together at a Splash Pad

July 29th: Take a Sunday Drive to Somewhere Special or Nowhere in Particular – Stopping Whenever You Want.

July 30th: Take a Late Night Dip – Skinny or Not.

July 31st: Walker Art Center – Target Free Thursday Nights

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Joy Peters

Joy Peters - co-creator and writer for FamilyFunTwinCities.com.

Besides Family Fun Twin Cities, I spend my 9 to 5 at a day job pursuing my weird passion for calendars and organizing things as a legal secretary. When I get home I spend my time with my four kids, 10, 6, 4 and 1. My amazing husband is both a full-time musician and full-time stay-at-home dad. Together we run a small radio empire — SiaNet Radio — playing, promoting and enjoying the wide variety of local music and art in the Twin Cities. I juggle all this while writing about exploring the Twin Cities with kids. I couldn’t be happier.


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  • Why is this “adult” stuff on a “family” website? Skinny dipping late at night? Seriously? On a family blog? You guys need to rethink your approach to what “family” means.

    • Sorry, I didn’t mean to be offensive. I did say “Or Not”. My family has always been very open, and I never even thought that it might offend someone else. However, I do intend to leave it, because I do not believe I am raising my family improperly just because we are a little more open than some people with the bodies God gave us. Again, sorry I offended you.

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