3 Opportunities for Family Fun at Walker Art Center

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Walker Art Center:  How do I put it?  It’s chic.  It’s hip.  It’s trendy. 

And it has been for decades.  I am not sure how it can keep being so except for the fact that it dictates what is trendy.  It’s easy to stay in fashion if you are leading the masses. 

But besides being hip and trendy and chic, it’s a must-see for families in the Twin Cities.  

Sure, the staff and volunteers get a bit uptight when little fingers want to touch the plexiglass box designed to protect the art from just that.  And sure, they get nervous when the kids skip through a gallery filled with toys art.   I would like to say for the record, at least they are trying to expose children to art.  And a word to the staff at Walker –if you are going to invite children to enjoy art and learn from it, know that as best as we can, we won’t let them touch, but the plexiglass cases are for protection.

With that said, I love to take my kids to the Walker.  Even with an unpredictable 2 year old, it was a lot of fun.  

You are probably thinking, “How in the world could it be fun with kids?  That’s just crazy!”

While some of the world might agree with you, both Family Fun Twin Cities and the Walker Art Center encourage you to visit.  

Here are three great reasons why.

  1. first free saturdayFirst Free Saturday  Every first Saturday of the month, you can bring your family — FOR FREE — to enjoy the Walker. From 10:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m., the Walker hosts a variety of activities including short films, art-making and usually a scavenger hunt or two through the galleries (that’s the activity that makes the adults edgy) where everything is based on the theme for the month. This Saturday, August 2, enjoy Performance Play.  This is best for ages 6-12, but everyone is welcome. 
  2. arty pantsArty Pants On the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month, the Walker hosts Arty Pants for anyone between the ages of 3 and 5 visiting the museum.  It’s free with museum admission and children under 18 are free with an adult ticket.  Let the little ones explore art through creative activities and art-making.  The activities change every two months based on the theme.  August’s theme is Nature Made.
  3. walker mini golf 1Walker on the Green This summer (until September 1, Labor Day) the Walker has built a mini-golf course through the sculpture garden.  All inspired by contemporary art, the golf course is full of old favorites and new attractions like Chickens, stars, a hungry snake, a gumball machine, a tilting maze game, a gopher hole vortex, and foosball with garden gnomes.  Also, each mini-golf ticket includes admission to the museum.    SINGLE COURSE (9 HOLES): $12 adults, $10 students ($9 Walker members, children ages 7–12). FULL COURSE (18 HOLES): $18 adults, $15 students ($13.50 Walker members, children ages 7–12). Free for ages 6 and under with paid adult. Early Bird Special for Mini Golf $2 off  Monday – ThursdayAll golf rounds purchased 10am-1pm

Don’t be afraid!  Bring your kids.  Enjoy them.  Enjoy art.  Enjoy your kids and art together.  The Walker Art Center has made it possible to do just that!

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