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KidsJam Homeschool Workshops for Families
Last Stop on Market Street – Review and Parental Guidance
Top Things for Kids: Minnesota History Center

KidsJam Homeschool Workshops for Families

Each year, the Schubert Club hosts inexpensive KidsJam homeschool workshops at the Landmark Center. These events sell out fast, so it is a good idea to plan ahead. Here is the schedule for the 2018/2019 season. Extend the visit by exploring the Schubert Club Museum while you are there.

KidsJam Homeschool Workshops are held at the Schubert Club Museum

You could explore the Schubert Club Museum after the KidsJam Homeschool Workshop

What to Expect from KidsJam Homeschool Workshops

Workshops last 60-minutes and are interactive sessions that are designed to help students experience musical performances but also get involved through creative activities and movement. They will also learn about the background of the music. The workshops are designed for kids ages 5-12. Parents accompany their children.

Upcoming KidsJam Homeschool Workshops

10/2/18  & 10/3/18 • 10:30am • Strings Across the Ocean! with Trio Larsson • The musicians will lead students in the creation of a multi-instrument band and introduce several stringed instruments during a short concert. Kids will have a chance to try out the instruments.

11/6/18  & 11/7/18 • 10:30am • Tales and Music from West Africa with Christian Adeti • Students will have a chance to learn songs and dances of West Africa, create their own West African instrument, and play rhythms together. They will also hear stories of West Africa incorporating themes of change and hope.

1/29/19  & 1/30/19 • 10:30am • A Musical World Tour with Lumina Women’s Ensemble • Students will  listen to languages and songs from around the world while learning about the various people and cultures through their music. They will also have a chance to try to imitate different vocal sounds and create their own songbook.

3/19/19  & 3/20/19 • 10:30am • Latin American Percussion with Reinaldo Moya  • In this workshop, students will listen to traditional Venezuelan music that features maracas and cuatro, while learning rhythmic patterns from joropo and vals styles from the Venezuelan plains. They will also make maracas and create their own Venezuelan-inspired song!


  • Cost: $5 per child; Adults and “babes-in-arms” are free
  • Register: online or by calling the Schubert Club Ticket Office at 651-292-3268, opt “0”
  • Where: Schubert Club Museum, Second Floor of Landmark Center, 75 W 5th Street, Saint Paul, MN 55102


Last Stop on Market Street – Review and Parental Guidance

I had been really looking forward to taking my six-year-old the Last Stop on Market Street at Children’s Theatre Company. We both enjoy reading the book together. Unfortunately, I reserved Friday night tickets and when the day came, he was just too tired out from a full week of school to do an evening outing, so my eight-year-old stepped in. As it turns out, we were all happiest with this arrangement. My eight-year-old LOVED this musical – big praise from someone who I have trouble tearing away from Minecraft.

Last Stop on Market Street

Calvin Zimmerman & Dwight Leslie in Last Stop on Market Street. Image courtesy of Children’s Theatre Company. Photos by Dan Norman

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Top Things for Kids: Minnesota History Center

Top Things for Kids: Minnesota History Center

No dry discourses or “hands off” signage here; the Minnesota History Center does a phenomenal job of appealing to all ages through its highly interactive and entertaining exhibits. You will have no problem at all finding plenty to intrigue your kids — and while they are being amused, you’ll probably find yourself being playful right alongside them. Here are the top things our family feels you won’t want to miss when you visit: Read More

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