2018 Childish Films at the Minneapolis Saint Paul International Film Festival

We’re just weeks away from the 2018 Childish Films at the Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival. Every year, I look forward to the two weekends in April when I get to binge-watch movies. This experience has made me into a kids film buff and I look for these same films when they (sometimes) make it to streaming. My kids may think they want to watch the latest toy-inspired blockbuster, but they always walk away from these picks telling me it was the “best movie ever”. Unfortunately, not all of these movies ever make it to the U.S. beyond the film festival circuit, so it really is a treat to get to see them in the theater.

The 2018 Childish Films line up takes us to meet children around the world, including Tibet, Belgium, Brazil, Sweden, Netherlands, Kenya, France. This year’s films have several reoccurring themes. While we are learning about new cultures, the characters themselves also adventure to new places. They travel from Tibet to China, Belgium to Swedish Lapland, the Netherlands to South America, and from France to South Africa. Most of these films feature beautiful landscapes.

Other repeating themes include leaving behind the familiar, chasing dreams, reconnecting with estranged parents, and coming of age. This year there is also a good old-fashioned ghost story tossed in. In past years, it has been fun to compare how children everywhere are alike while also observing cultural and environmental differences.

Most of the following films have a minimum age recommendation of 9 to 11. Cloudboy is recommended for 8+. Since only one of the films has any English dialogue, these recommendations are good guides simply because of the reading requirements. Foreign films are best enjoyed by strong readers, but they also help strengthen reading skills, so don’t shy away if your kids are on the young side of the recommendations.

Ticket prices for these films are $14 for the general public and $8 for youth. The film society offers a family membership level, you can read my review of that deal here. Find more information and tickets here.

Ballad from Tibet




 On Wheels


Room 213


Sing Song


Supa Modo





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