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Minneapolis/St. Paul: A Train Lover’s Destination
Maple Syruping with Kids in the Twin Cities

Minneapolis/St. Paul: A Train Lover’s Destination

Minneapolis/St. Paul: A Train Lover's Destination
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If you are a train lover or have train lovers in your family, then the Twin Cities is a fantastic place for you.

James J. Hill–a native of Ontario, Canada–was a pioneer in Minnesota developing the Great Northern Railway and pioneering the Pacific Northwest Railway.  Because of his legacy, the Twin Cities has a rich railroad history making it a great location for any train lovers.

We love trains so much in the Twin Cities that local dance company, Danceco has made a train-themed musical production – Expectation Station.  See it with the kids during MEA Weekend 2017.

These destinations are just the beginning of what you can find here:

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Maple Syruping with Kids in the Twin Cities

March is maple syrup month in Minnesota, and with an abundance of nature centers around the Twin Cities, we have ample opportunities to learn about and participate in the maple syruping process. Maple syrup events usually contain one or more of the following activities: tapping the maple trees, collecting the sap, boiling it into syrup, and the best part — according to my kids, anyway — a sample of the finished product.

Click through for a list of upcoming maple syrup events across the Twin Cities Metro. Read More

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