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Cows Can Dream at the American Swedish Institute
Twin Cities Family Wellness Guide
9 Twin Cities Chocolate and Candy Shops To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Cows Can Dream at the American Swedish Institute

UPDATE: Cows Can Dream is no longer at the American Swedish Institute. However, the book is still available in the gift shop. Find the latest Family Gallery exhibit here

Cows Can Dream (Kor Kan Drömma) opened at the American Swedish Institute on Saturday, January 21st and runs through October 31, 2017. I’ve been noticing that when ASI introduces something that I’ve never heard of, before long it is a trend that I start seeing everywhere. For instance, Moomin is everywhere now, but I had to research him when ASI introduced him. I think this may be the case with Cows Can Dream, a book and exhibit that were originally commissioned by an art institute in Sweden, Wanås Konst. Currently, you won’t find the book at the library or on Amazon. You’ll have to pick it up in the gift shop at ASI.

Cows Can Dream Family Gallery at ASI

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Twin Cities Family Wellness Guide

Family wellness is more than just another New Year’s Resolution.  While the new year spurs thoughts of big changes in our fitness habits or our nutrition, we want to encourage you to think beyond losing that extra 15 pounds.  We want you to consider your health in all areas of your life including mental health, physical health, and relation health.

Family Wellness Guide Blooma

Blooma has partnered with us to bring you this Twin Cities Family Wellness Guide. Together we want to help your family strive for wellness.  And Family Wellness can be fun like yoga classes for kids and mama support groups and shopping together at the Farmer’s Market.

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9 Twin Cities Chocolate and Candy Shops To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

This is an article about 9 mouthwatering treat shops and chocolate shops that you should go to if you or your kids need a candy fix (don’t let your kids catch you while you’re looking at this, or you might be deciding sooner than you would have wanted to!). These are especially good if you want to get a Valentine’s Day present for somebody special, or just a present in general! So, without further ado, I present these candy and treat shops to you!

7 Twin Cities Treat Shops & Chocolate Shops To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Minnesota’s Largest Candy Store | Jordan
Open: Daily, June-November, 9am-6pm

My personal favorite, and settled in Jordan, MN, Minnesota’s Largest Candy Store has the world’s largest soda selection, including more than 150 kinds of root beer, tons and tons of candy, and fresh baked apple pies. There is a huge gumball machine, and these gumballs are filled with Nerds! If you bacon lovers are looking for something, then go here, because there is a section entirely devoted to bacon stuff (I thought I saw even a bacon pie…). Prices range from a quarter up, but there are a few pricey items. Take note, this candy store only accepts cash, so come prepared. Read More

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