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Cows Can Dream at the American Swedish Institute
Family Fun: Target Free Family Music with St Paul Chamber Orchestra
Family Exercise Fun: Twin Cities Indoor Waterparks and Pools

Cows Can Dream at the American Swedish Institute

UPDATE: Cows Can Dream is no longer at the American Swedish Institute. However, the book is still available in the gift shop. Find the latest Family Gallery exhibit here

Cows Can Dream (Kor Kan Drömma) opened at the American Swedish Institute on Saturday, January 21st and runs through October 31, 2017. I’ve been noticing that when ASI introduces something that I’ve never heard of, before long it is a trend that I start seeing everywhere. For instance, Moomin is everywhere now, but I had to research him when ASI introduced him. I think this may be the case with Cows Can Dream, a book and exhibit that were originally commissioned by an art institute in Sweden, Wanås Konst. Currently, you won’t find the book at the library or on Amazon. You’ll have to pick it up in the gift shop at ASI.

Cows Can Dream Family Gallery at ASI

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Family Fun: Target Free Family Music with St Paul Chamber Orchestra

Target’s Free Family Music Series featuring the St Paul Chamber Orchestra, is a wonderful way to introduce kids to classical music. Tickets to these events are always free, but required and are available on a first-come, first-served basis.  Three different musical experiences are offered:  Xplorchestra!, Family Concerts, and Start the Music.  Each family is allowed up to 4 tickets per concert – but hurry because these tickets go fast.

If you can only choose one, I recommend the Family Concert because you get the real concert experience and the full orchestra.  But I hope you don’t have to choose because these events are fun!

SPCO Free Family Music – Family Concert

Family Fun: Target Free Family Music with St Paul Chamber OrchestraThis past fall, I had the wonderful opportunity to enjoy the SPCO in this creative way.  The first event we went to was the Family Concert.  It was called Teaching Mozart Music.  They had a young actor play the part of  young Mozart with an animated Narrator speaking to the audience.  We learned that Mozart liked to call himself Punchatini, that he was four years old when he wrote his first piano concerto, and that he wrote 26 piano concertos in all.

The concert began with Concerto No. 23 in A for Piano and Orchestra.  It was beautiful.  Then, the narrator came out and the stories and lessons about Mozart began.  David Mann was the narrator and he was hilarious especially when he displayed how to walk and sit with elegance and dignity.  He spoke right to the audience and engaged them in each story.

Family Fun: Target Free Family Music with St Paul Chamber Orchestra

SPCO Free Family Music – Start the Music

A few weeks later, I took three of my children to Start the Music!

We learned all about the brass section by participating in activities before the concert began.  Anyone who wanted to try to play a brass instrument was given the opportunity to blow in a trumpet, french horn, or trombone.  My daughter decided that she wanted to play the trumpet.  There were coloring pages, puppet-making, a race, directing your own orchestra, horn-making stations.  After we played there, we went into the Music Room and listened to a reading of the Tortoise and the Hare with the help of the different instruments.

SPCO Free Family Music – Xplorchestra

Then, I took my boys to Xplorchestra!  I wasn’t as excited about this event.  Mainly I think because I mistakenly thought it was for 3-6 year olds and it is actually designed for 6-12 year olds.  They didn’t have any activities before hand, and the story and audience participation were geared for older kids.  But we still enjoyed ourselves.  We were able to  sit up close to the musicians and experience the music in this short concert.

Family Exercise Fun: Twin Cities Indoor Waterparks and Pools

Swimming at these Twin Cities indoor waterparks and pools can be a wonderful way to squeeze in a workout during the frigid winter months in Minnesota, not to mention it’s guaranteed to wear out your most stir-crazy child! We’ve rounded up a list of indoor facilities around the Twin Cities where you can splash, slide and swim away the cold weather blues. Most of them offer swimming lessons as well:

Twin Cities Indoor Waterparks.

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