2016 FFTC BookHounds Episodes

Join our Facebook group FFTC BookHounds for Facebook Live Chats and interaction with other BookHounds, including REAL LIFE authors! Use this page for an easy directory of links to all of the 2016 FFTC BookHounds Episodes plus more interviews and information about each of these authors that we have collected over the years.

2016 was a wonderful year for BookHounds author and publisher interviews. Check out these interviews with Megan Maynor, Trisha Speed & Stephen Shaskan, John Coy, Aimee Bissonette, Mary Casanova, David LaRochelle, Molly Beth Griffin, Stephanie Watson, Vicki Palmquist, Rick Chrustowski, Erin Soderberg Downing and Lynne Jonell.

2016 FFTC BookHounds Invites: Season 1

2016 FFTC BookHounds Episodes
Megan Maynor
Megan Maynor
BookHounds #1 ‘Ella and Penguin Stick Together’

More Megan Maynor:

A directory of local children's book authors. I love that my kids have a chance to meet some of these authors.
Trisha Speed Shaskan
2016 FFTC BookHounds Episodes
Stephen Shaskan
Stephen and Trisha Speed Shaskan
BookHounds Episode #2: “Punk Skunks”

More Stephen Shaskan:

More Trisha Speed Shaskan:

John Coy
John Coy
BookHounds Episode #3: ‘Their Great Gift’

More John Coy:

2016 FFTC BookHounds EpisodesAimee Bissonette
BookHounds Episode #4: Miss Colfax’s Light

More Aimee Bissonette:


Mary Casanova
BookHounds Episode #5: Wake Up, Island!

More Mary Casanova:

2016 FFTC BookHounds Episodes
David LaRochelle
David LaRochelle
BookHounds Episode #6: Monster & Son

More David LaRochelle:


Molly Beth Griffin
BookHounds Episode #5: Rhoda’s Rock Hunt

More Molly Beth Griffin:

2016 FFTC BookHounds Episodes

Stephanie Watson
BookHounds Episode #6: Behold! A Baby

More Stephanie Watson:

Vicki Palmquist

Vicki Palmquist, Winding Oak Literary Services 
BookHounds Episode #7: The Case of Summertime Books

2016 FFTC BookHounds EpisodesRick Chrustowski
BookHounds Episode #8: The Case of Habitats and Homes

familylitErin Soderberg Downing
BookHounds Episode #9: The Case of  the Funnies

More Erin Soderberg Downing:

2016 FFTC BookHounds EpisodesLynne Jonell
The Case of Imagination



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