2015 Minnesota State Fair: Featuring FFTC’s Fair Favorites–the Dairy Building, Eco Experience, Alphabet Forest

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MN State Fair 14



As our State Fair Second-in-Command, I wanted to make sure to feature FFTC’s fair favorites.  I like to plan out my day to the fair and if you are like me, you will find the fair more enjoyable if you have a rough sketch of the day.  So pick one or two of these wonderful attractions and linger there.  You will be glad you did.

Dairy Goodness Bar: When my kids are tired of fair food (the most obvious sign is that they can NOT decide what they want to eat), we head over to the Dairy Building for simple foods like cheese sticks, go-gurt, yogurt, and milk in fun little milk cartons.  Only $1.

Located in the Dairy Building on the corner of Judson and Underwood, you can meet Princess Kay of the Milky Way and watch her and her court’s likenesses be carved in butter.

Dairy Goodness Bar

Worth everything you pay to be at the fair. It’s Heaven in a cup!

New Foods at the Dairy Goodness Bar:

MN State FAir 14 PrincessFun facts at the Dairy Building (from Midwest Dairy Website):

  • Strawberry is the number-one fruit flavor. In 2014, Dairy Goodness Bar workers used 5,790 pounds of strawberries.
  • Cones are available for $3 in vanilla, chocolate and twist.
  • Throughout the fair, Dairy Goodness Bar visitors can suggest 2016’s Flavor of the Fair.  There will be a vote in the spring.
  • In 2014, almost 181,500 ice cream treats –93,000 malts– were served.
  • The Dairy Goodness bar features apples and strawberries from Pine Tree Apple Orchard

The All-You-Can-Drink-Milk StandAt the corner of Judson and Clough, you will find the All You Can Drink Milk Stand.  This is the place you go to get milk for $2 and honestly, you can drink all you want. I think this might be what gives me a bellyache every year (that and Sweet Martha’s), but it’s worth it.  Oh, so worth it!

The Eco ExperienceThis is Joy’s favorite attraction at the fair and Anne’s kids love it, too.

mn state fair alphabet forestThe Alphabet ForestAll three of us like this experience.  It’s one of the coolest places at the fair where you can meet local authors, read books, cool off in the shade and play with words.

50 Things To Do at the Minnesota State Fair: Anne has created a helpful checklist for you to use this year.  Print the guide or download it to your phone!


Sponsored PostWhile FFTC did not receive financial compensation for this article per se, we reached out to the Midwest Dairy Association to see if they would help sponsor our event at Little Farm Hands.  They agreed with an overwhelming fervor.  So in thanks, we wanted to highlight the Dairy Building and why we love it.

And we really do.  Every year, I stop there for a malt.  (Normally, I absolutely hate malts! But not at the Dairy Goodness Bar.  Delish!)

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