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Family Fun: Home Depot’s Kids Workshops
4 Simple Easter Decorations for the Whole Family
Family Fun Twin Cities Winter Break Survival Guide
FFTC Family Guide to MEA Weekend
Rainy Day Guide for Family Fun
Crafts in the Cold: Two Activities to do at Home When You Don’t Want to Leave Your House
Arts and Crafts for Kids Around Town
January Heartfelt Crafts
Christmas Crafts at Heartfelt
Crafts with Kindness Kit

Family Fun: Home Depot’s Kids Workshops

Home Depot Kids Workshop
First Saturday of the month
9:00 am-12:00 pm

Registration is encouraged. Find the next workshop here.

Home Depot Kids WorkshopOn the bright first Saturday morning in March, Chris–the husband and daddy–packed up the girls and drove to Menards, Lowe’s, and Home Depot.  They were on a mission to buy the supplies needed to redo our bathroom.  What they ran into was the opportunity to build.  They all came home extremely excited and chitty-chatty.  Meanwhile, the boys were beside themselves with envy having to wait until the following month. Read More

4 Simple Easter Decorations for the Whole Family

easter decorationsEaster is my absolute favorite holiday!  Part of the reason is because we don’t have high expectations for it, so whatever we do is usually a big hit.

Currently, I don’t have any  decorations. We have baskets that we use every year and a plethora of plastic eggs, but as for decorations? I don’t really have any.

However, since it is my favorite holiday, I wanted to make it a point to be festive this year.  So I scoured the interwebs for simple, fun, and easy ideas that I can do together with my family.

Here are some of the ideas I found. Read More

Family Fun Twin Cities Winter Break Survival Guide

Couldn’t we all use a little help getting through the long Minnesota winter? Family Fun Twin Cities Winter Break Survival Guide has something for everyone.

Read More

FFTC Family Guide to MEA Weekend

No School MEA Weekend




MEA Weekend isn’t that far away, so if you like to plan ahead Family Fun Twin Cities has compiled a list for you to use as a starting point for this fabulous, fall four-day weekend.  If you plan more spur of the moment like me, these options will be on our October Family Events & Activities Guide for quick access. Read More

Rainy Day Guide for Family Fun

Rainy DayA rainy day conjures up an image of a warm drink and a conversation with a friend, a good book in front of the fire.  A lazy day inside catching up on all your shows. 

Unless you are a parent. 

Rainy days are not necessarily romantic, peaceful or perfect.
They can be dreadful, fear-inducing and to put it simply–hated.  I don’t think I even need to explain why. (But I will)

Uncivilized crazies bounce off the walls, tedious groans of boredom echo through the house.  Whiny pleas for “more screen tiiiiiiiiiimmmmmmme!” 

RAiny DayIt’s unbearable.  It’s insufferable. 

We can’t take another minute.

Mom. Dad. We gotcha covered. 

The Family Fun Twin Cities Rainy Day Guide is the playbook you need to get through a chunk of your day when you are stuck inside.  These ideas will spark imagination: whether the imagination is yours or belongs to your kiddos.  And sometimes all it takes is a little bit of effort and intention to make the day a success for everyone. Read More

Crafts in the Cold: Two Activities to do at Home When You Don’t Want to Leave Your House

Family Fun Twin Cities was invited into the WCCO studio to suggest some fun crafts to do with the kids during this absolutely horrific cold weather. (I’m not complaining about the cold in Minnesota.  I’m just saying there is cold, very cold, and absolutely horrific cold.  We are currently experiencing the latter!)

Watch the segments and find the show notes for each idea.

Read More

Arts and Crafts for Kids Around Town

Arts and crafts for kids — My kids love crafts.

I hate crafts.

Not because they aren’t cool, but because I don’t like the mess.  Which is so funny because I have a very messy house.  That aside–and the contradiction it is–I love to take my kids places to be creative.  Where I don’t get upset because they made a crazy mess to create something cool. Read More

January Heartfelt Crafts

 For months I have been promising my children a trip to Heartfelt.  You know it’s been a long time since we’ve been there when even the boys say, “Mom, we need to go to Heartfelt.”

There are still 10 days of January to take advantage of these January crafts in the warm and inviting atmosphere of this cozy little shop.


Mermaid Curvy CompressedMermaids Clothespeg CompressedMERMAIDS: TWO WAYS

Make a pair of mythical mermaids using wool felt and yarn or wool hair. Two body styles are offered: a traditional clothes peg (suggested for younger children) or a curvy wooden peg (for older kids). Ages 5 and up; younger with grown-up help. $15.




Felted Marble Bag CompressedFELTED MARBLE BAG

Learn to wet felt with a resist while making a useful wool bag. Add a drawstring closure and your bag is ready to hold marbles or other small treasures. Ages 5 to adult; younger with grown-up help. $22.





Mountain Cabin Compressed(1)FAIRY CABIN

Create your own little fairy cabin using watercolor, bark, moss, twigs, pinecones, and more. Allow one to two hours. Ages 7 to adult; younger with grown-up help. $28.





Choose from the large selection of yarns, then wind and wind around a cardboard donut. This can take a while so feel free to use two sessions to complete a pompom. Ages 5 to adult; younger with grown-up help.$10.






Pick a pinecone from thestash and spread with sunflower butter, then sprinkle with bird seed and hang from a tree or bush with twine. Ages 2 ½ and up. $5.




Paint and assemble a trio of tops—watch them spin! Older children may use the wood burning tool for decoration. Ages 5 and up. $10.



Winter Gnomes CompressedWINTER GNOME

Color your gnomes with watercolor crayons, then stitch a hat from a piece of recycled sweater. A scarf around his neck will keep him warm all season long. Ages 4 to adult; younger with grown-up help. One large gnome $10. Add a second smaller friend for an additional $5.


from Heartfelt’s newsletter, images courtesy of Heartfelt, used with permission



Christmas Crafts at Heartfelt

It has been too long since we have visited Heartfelt.  And it looks to me that November is the time to go.  Actually, when is it NOT the time to go? That aside, Heartfelt is offering its usual awesome monthly crafts, and Lisa is teaching preschool classes each week and supplying us with  gift-making crafts for the holidays including Thanksgiving and Christmas crafts.

Heartfelt is the place to be this month!

November Crafts, Drop In Crafts & Christmas Crafts.

advent calendar christmas craftsADVENT CALENDAR
Create your own family heirloom! A premade
wooden house comes with 25 little drawers, one
for each day of Advent. Use paint, glitter and
wood burning to craft a holiday tradition that will
last for years. Although this is a drop in craft,
plan for two or three sessions. Recommended
for adults or older children/
teens with adult help. $54.

sparkle acornsSPARKLE ACORNS
Glitter real acorn tops, then
felt a little oval ball to tuck
inside. Add a string of gold
to hang your treasure. Ages
4 to adult. Set of three
acorns $15.


clay menorahCLAY MENORAH
Make your own unique menorah, using air drying clay.
A sprinkle of glitter adds shine. All ages. $15.



Thread Stars CompressedTHREAD STARS
As we wrap thread around a
circle, a beautiful star gradually appears. Make a whole
stack for friends and family. Ages 7 and up; younger with
grown up help. Five stars $10.



Sweater Gnome Compressed christmas craftsSWEATER GNOME
Old sweaters, washed and felted make
useful and cozy fabric for crafting. We will
fold, stitch and stuff this cute gnomie, add a
bead head and cap—he is perfect to tuck
into a pocket or stocking. Ages 8 to adult.


Poinsetta Fairy Compressed christmas craftsPOINTSETTA FAIRY
This girl is so pretty! Layer her petal skirt, sew a matching
blouse and add holly leaf wings. Ages 6 to adult. $15.




Winter Village House Compressed christmas craftsWINTER VILLAGE HOUSE
Our love affair with miniature houses continues. This
wintery version has color washed walls, a dusting of glitter
and a little light inside. Allow one to two hours. Ages 7 to
adult; younger children with grown up help. $28.



Give Thanks Crafts (Perfect for Thanksgiving)

Corn Husk Dolls:  These traditional harvest dolls are fun and easy to make. Ages 7 to adult; younger with grown up help. Pair of dolls $20.

HARVEST  HOUSE:  Make a sweet miniature house in harvest colors to grace your Thanksgiving table. Ages 7 to adult; younger with grown up help.$28

PINECONE TURKEY Now an annual Heartfelt tradition!
Learn to make a cute pinecone turkey with feather tail to decorate your Thanksgiving table.  All ages.  FREE Saturday, November 16, 10:00-2:00
THANKSGIVING FRIDAY : Annual Birch slab Centerpiece decorated with fragrant greens, pretty berries, and pinecones.  $10.  Ages 4 and up
They will offer a free gift while supplies last.

Gift Making Christmas Craft

Stack felt
cutouts and
buttons; sew a
pin back and
your gift is
ready for
giving. Make
two brooches. Ages 6 to adult. $10.

Felted Pin Cushion CompressedFELTED PIN CUSHION
Makes a
perfect gift for
sewers. Our
super safe
needle felting
method makes
this project
suitable even
for younger children. Ages 6 to adult.
candy caneFELTED CANDY CANE – Christmas crafts
Wet felt a wooly candy cane to hang
on your tree. Ages 4 to adult. $15

PINECONE TOPIARY – Christmas crafts
Decorate a little ceramic pot with paint
and seasonal stamps. Add a
pinecone “tree”, decorated with glitter
and ribbon. Makes a pretty gift for
grandparents. Ages 3 and up. $10.

Holiday Heart CompressedHOLIDAY HEARTS – Christmas crafts
Stitch a cozy heart
from our selection
of felt and felted
wool. Add your own
embroidery, buttons
or beads, then stuff
with wool, a pinch of
lavender and add a cord for hanging.
Ages 5 to adult. $10.

perching dovePERCHING
Attached to a
clothespin, this
pretty sewn felt
bird will perch
prettily on a tree or branch. Ages 7 to
adult. $15.

Sweater Wreath CompressedSWEATER
A return of our most
popular holiday
craft from last year!
String snippets of
felted sweater
scraps to make a cozy wreath.  Ages 4 to adult.  $20

Heartfelt Preschool Classes

Call 612-877-8090 to register for a preschool class. These are for those ages 2 1/2 and older with a grown-up participant.  $15 for first child and $10 for each child after that.

Yarn Dolly CompressedYARN DOLLIES
Making yarn dolls has been an American
folk tradition since colonial times. Your
child will cherish this dolly. Boys will love
this craft too! Wednesday November 13th or
Friday November 14th



Celebrate the festival of lights! Welcome back storyteller Sara
Logan as she leads us in Hanukkah
song, story and play. We will craft a
pretty Star of David ornament, play
dreidel and share a yummy snack of
latkes. Whether you celebrate
Hanukkah at home or are interested
in experiencing new traditions, this
gathering is for you.
Wednesday November 20th or
Friday November 22nd
heartfelt logoTHANKFUL CRAFTS
As the days shorten and the harvest ends, it’s
time to give thanks. Children will make a little
Thanksgiving centerpiece, gluing pinecones,
acorn caps and bark to a little wood slab. We
will then make a little pinecone turkey to finish
our decoration and share a snack of spicy
bread. Please note, one session only
Wednesday November 27th

(taken from Heartfelt’s Newsletter,  used with permission)



Crafts with Kindness Kit

I think I have the world’s most crafty kids.  I’m not saying they are good at crafts–which they are.  I’m not saying they devise many a scheme–which they do.

No, my kids are the world’s most crafty kids because that’s what they want to do.  All. The. Time.

And guess what!  I hate crafts!

Hate them!

I think part of the reason I hate them so much so because there is no reason for them except to create a huge mess!  So I shun them.

However, what if the craft had a greater purpose?  What if the craft was a way for you and your child to take a moment and care for someone else?  What if–wait for it–you could bless someone with your child’s creativity?

Oh, yes!  This really does exist!  Sarah from Big Hearted Families sent me the Messages of Care Crafts With Kindness BabbaCo Box to check out and do with my daughters. It’s been so busy at our house, though, I haven’t even been able to take the time to tell them what its called. However, we have LOOKED at it.

And oh, are they in love.



This box is the product of a collaboration of Big Hearted Families (I told you they would be back)–which is a project of Doing Good Together–Bright Horizons Family Solutions, and BabbaCo.

For $39.99, you get the tools you need to make piles and piles of messages of care.  All different kinds.  Let’s start at the top.  At the bottom of your box is a book to read with your kids called The Giant Hug by Sandra Horning.  It’s about sending a hug in the mail.  Along with the book comes a reading guide to have a great discussion with your child.

Then, it’s on to the crafts.  There are cards to paint to send to kids around the world who are sick with life threatening illnesses.  This specific project is called Send Kids the World.  This would be a perfect tag team project for my gifts.  One loves to paint and the other loves to encourage (her 2nd grade teacher says that she has a big fat heart!).

There is a small mailbox to decorate and a packet of supplies to write love notes to your family whenever you feel they need it. This packet is called Family Love Notes.   (What?  You can be kind even to your family?)

The Delicious Delivery supply packet is a little  more labor-intensive, but there again, this would be a great tag team craft.  One of my girls can bake (which is her favorite thing to do in the world–if she could cook every night for our family, she would.  However, the rest of the family would starve or there would be many trips to the ER) the treats and the other one can  decorate the box (since she didn’t get to paint the cards.  I can just picture my girls taking them to school and delivering them to their teachers.

I’m getting warm fuzzies all over and they haven’t even started any of the projects.


Okay, but here’s the kicker. You only have until Sunday, November 10, 2013 to place your order. I know $39.99 seems a little pricey, but let me break it down for you.  The book itself is worth $17.  The Art Supplies–stickers, paints, paintbrush, glue, pen, box, cards, fabric squares–would easily run you $25.  Already you have your money’s worth.  But they also include a metal mailbox and a bakery box.  This is well worth the $40.  Not only are you giving your child Crafts with a purpose, but you are giving yourself the easiest craft prep known to man.  Everything is done for you!

If you are interested make sure you visit BabbaCo to place and order.  And remember, it’s only good until Sunday, November 10!


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