Some St. Paul Skating Rinks Open Now — The Rest Opening Soon

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This is a share of a St. Paul Parks Press Release.  Sharpen your blades!  Skating Season has Officially begun!!!

Click on this image to view current conditions of all St. Paul Ice Rinks

Click on this image to view current conditions of all St. Paul Ice Rinks

Refrigerated outdoor skating rinks open for season in Saint Paul

Refrigerated rinks at North Dale Recreation Center, Palace Recreation Center, Landmark Center and Phalen Recreation Center are open for the season with other outdoor rinks opening soon.

Saint Paul- Thanks in part to the recent cold winter weather, Saint Paul’s four refrigerated outdoor skating rinks are now open for the season with the other outdoor skating rinks opening soon.

Refrigerated outdoor skating rinks help maintain superior ice quality during unseasonably warm temperatures and allow for the rinks to open earlier in the winter and stay open later in the spring. Saint Paul’s Department of Parks and Recreation currently operates four refrigerated rinks located at North Dale Recreation Center (1414 St. Albans St. N.), Palace Recreation Center (781 Palace Ave.), Phalen Recreation Center (1000 E Wheelock Parkway) and the Wells Fargo WinterSkate rink located in downtown Saint Paul at the Landmark Center.

In addition to the four refrigerated rinks, Saint Paul Department of Parks and Recreation also operates more than 20 quality outdoor skating rinks, including hockey rinks, general skating rinks and broomball specific rinks located throughout the city. These non-refrigerated rinks are currently being flooded and will be opening as soon as the rink conditions allow. To view a list of which rinks are currently open and their warming house hours, click on the winter activities tab on the Parks and Recreation website: and then click on Ice Rinks.


All of the outdoor skating rinks operated by the Department of Parks and Recreation are free of charge and open to the public. Every year, Saint Paul’s ice skating rinks serve more than 100,000 skaters throughout the city. A complete list of rink locations, warming house hours and other winter activities offered by the Department of Parks and Recreation can be found by clicking on the Winter Activities link on the Parks and Recreation website

About Saint Paul  Parks & Recreation

Saint Paul Parks and Recreation is a nationally accredited and gold medal award-winning organization that manages more than 170 parks and open spaces, AZA accredited Como Park Zoo and Conservatory, 25 city-operated recreation centers, four municipal golf courses, more than 100 miles of trails, an indoor and two outdoor aquatic facilities, a public beach, a variety of premium sports facilities, and Great River Passage – which is the new identity for all proposed public development along Saint Paul’s more than 17 miles of Mississippi riverfront. For more information about Saint Paul Parks and Recreation, visit


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