Spring Crafts at Heartfelt: May

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Spring crafts at Heartfelt.

Heartfelt has spring crafts.
4306 Upton Ave S. 
Minneapolis, MN 55410
Store Hours 
Tuesday Noon to 5 pm 
Wednesday – Saturday 10 am to 5 pm
Sunday 10 am to 4 pm

Each month, Heartfelt provides a selection of new crafts to drop in and create.  Lisa has some well-loved stand-bys like Fairy Houses and a needle-felting project, but many of the other crafts available switch in and out with the seasons.  This month, it’s Fairy Madness.  For the fairy lover in your home, there is plenty to choose from.  For the non-fairy lover in your home, there are other possibilities like the rainbow sword or the gourd birds.  These descriptions are copied straight from the May Newsletter.

We just stopped by today since it had been way too long and we needed some Mother’s Day ideas and spring crafts.  I had forgotten how much fun crafting with Lisa is.  She is so gentle and calm and easy to understand.  It’s refreshing for this non-crafter!  I recommend going soon.  Next weekend (May 18 and 19) is a big weekend for Linden Hills.  Apparently, there are lots of garage sales in the neighborhood and Heartfelt is doing its Tag Sale.  On the 19th, is the Linden Hills Festival in Linden Hills Park so head on over for some fun and shop around the neighborhood while you are there.


Decorate a little house for your favorite fairy or
other forest friend using paint, sticks, bark,
pinecones, moss and more. Ages 7 to adult;
younger with grown up help. $28.

Spring crafts at Heartfelt.
Even the youngest crafter will love making this set of five simple fairies, using
watercolor paints, curly wool and acorn caps. And why should the kids have all the
fun? We encourage adults to make these too—what a great gift! Comes with a
little carry bag. Ages 3 to adult. $20.

Flower Fairy - Spring crafts at Heartfelt.
In these spring crafts, Design your fairy’s skirt from our rainbow of flower petals, add a felt tunic and hair
in your choice of colors and top with a real acorn cap. Ages 6 and up; younger
with grown up help. $10.

Snip and glue tiers of flower petals to make this regal fairy peg doll. Ages 6 and up; younger with grown up help. $15.


Fairy House - Spring crafts at Heartfelt.

Plant a magical fairy garden in a pot.
Choose a trio of miniature plants from our
selection, decorate a tiny little house, add
moss, pathways, a shell pool and more.
Allow 1 ½ to 2
hours. Ages 6 to
adult; younger with
grow up help. $48.

Color a wooden sword
using watercolor
crayons and blending
technique to create your
one of a kind historical
weapon. We will finish
the handle with a wrap
of wool felt and
embellish with a sparkly
jewel or two. Ages 6
and up. $24.

Daisy Doll - Spring crafts at Heartfelt.
This clothes-
peg doll is
ready to
dance with
her twirly
petal skirt.
Ages 5 and
up; younger
with grown up
help. $10.

Needlefelt a small landscape picture.
We will have several samples for
inspiration or imagine your own
design. Sharp needles will be used.
Ages 8 to adult. $15.

Create two or three funky birds using
wax crayon sticks, felt and feathers.
Let your creativity take wing! Ages 5 to adult. $15

Schedule an appt with Lisa for the Fairy Houses

A Heartfelt specialty. We offer a variety of sizes to suit your
time, space and budget. Please call ahead to schedule a
time for building your house: 612.877.8090.

Tree House Cottage
A sweet two level house
for the very young. $34.

Tree House Triplex
A spacious three floor
abode. $56.

Tree House Mansion
Four floors offer more
scope for crafting and extra
room for your fairy family


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