Heartfelt Crafts–July

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I know that it’s the middle of July.  But that means you still have 2 weeks to visit Heartfelt and enjoy these drop in crafts!  For these crafts, you do not need to make an appointment.  Just drop in and Lisa’s staff will be happy to assist you!

Heartfelt’s Drop in Crafts

Treasure Box CompressedTREASURE BOX
Personalize a wooden box to hold your
trinkets and treasures. Younger crafters will
use watercolor crayons to create a rainbow
effect; children 10 years and older may use
the wood burner too.

Ages 6 and up; 4 & 5
with grown up

2013-06-19 14_33_32FAIRY COTTAGE
Decorate a little house using flower petals, paint, sticks,
bark, pinecones and moss, then
craft a cute peg fairy or gnome to
live inside.

Ages 7 to adult or
younger with grown up help.
Create a whole menagerie of
pinecone animals. Ages 7 and up
independently; younger children will
need a grown up to help with the
glue gun.





Fairy Garden 2FAIRY GARDEN
Plant a magical fairy garden in a pot. Choose a
trio of miniature plants from our selection,
decorate a tiny little house, add moss,
pathways, a shell pool and more. Allow 1 ½ to
2 hours.

Ages 6 to
adult; younger with
grow up help.



Peg Dolly Trio Compressed(1)CLOTHES PEG PEOPLE
Old fashioned clothes 
pegs are great for
making a variety of
figures. We’ll get out
our basket of felt scraps and use yarn or wool
for hair for this open ended craft.

All ages
(younger children will need grown up help).
$15 for up to four dolls.

Beeswax Market Basket CompressedBEESWAX MARKET BASKET
Beeswax is an amazing modeling material:
colorful, sweet smelling, wonderful for quiet
crafting. Fill a little wicker basket with an array
of cute fruits and veggies.

Ages 6 and up.



Celebrate the beauty of butterflies by making a
watercolor butterfly crown. Then use colorful wool
to make a simple butterfly puppet on a stick. Fun
for the youngest of crafters.

Ages 2 ½ and up.


A little something for everybody!   Heartfelt and Family Fun Twin Cities has partnered together to give our readers a special gift.  Print this coupon out and you will receive $5 off a purchase of $20 or more!  Go!  Have fun!

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