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1100 Canterbury Rd., Shakopee, MN 55379
Admission: $ 15.00
Ages 3 & Under: Free Ages 4 & Over: $15
Concessions Available
Hours of Operation:
Monday Closed
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday Closed
Thursday Closed
Friday Closed
Saturday 10:00 AM - 08:00 PM
Sunday 10:00 AM - 08:00 PM
September 9th - October 30th, 2016

Who wants to spend a beautiful fall day at Sever's Corn Maze & Fall Festival--the leader of Agritainment in the Twin Cities?Sever's Corn Maze 2015

Nicola Peterson, the daughter-in-law to Sever and Sharon Peterson, has two kids with another on the way, and she is delighted to be able to say that the experience is perfect for the entire family.

What's is included in Sever's Corn Maze Entry Fee:

At $15 per ticket (kids ages 3 and under are free), it gets a little spendy for a large family.  We want to highlight what you can do for that price.

  • *New* Ziplines--Ultimate playground ziplines.  You will not need to be harnessed onto a cable for this.  Based on a favorite playground toy that Nicola and Aaron love, these may be for the older set.
  • *New* Monkey Business with Frankie the Monkey Shows
  • *New* Gourd Walk--Just outside the entrance to the festival is this new attraction.  Stroll the pumpkin patch to enjoy straw sculptures and gourd designs. Really cool ones
  • Magic Shows with Matt Dunn--Very popular and very family friendly.  Matt Dunn is a lot of fun.
  • Pig Races--Nicola says that no matter how many times she sees this (and she has seen them hundreds of times), this event always makes her laugh
  • Parakeet Landing--Want to play with a parakeet?  This is the place to go.
  • Tire Mountain--Who doesn't love climbing on enormous tractor tires?
  • Petting Zoo--Meet some exotic animals like a camel, kangaroo, or lemur.
  • Strawbale Maze--Do you want to work your way up to the corn maze?  This may be the perfect start.
  • Corn Pit (10,000 bushels of corn--even if you don't know exactly how big a bushel is, you know that's a lot of corn): I guarantee you will go home with corn in your pants. I don't know why I always wanted to go in one of these things!  I left with corn in my shoes and in my shirt and in my pants!  This pit has massive amounts of corn and can be a little intimidating.
  • Extreme Corn Pit (lots of corn AND rope swings and more)--This one has less corn, though, and our 3 year old FFTC member loved it more than the other one. "It's not as scary."
  • Jumping Pillow--These are extreme bouncy houses set right on the ground.
  • Giant Spider Web--For those with longer legs.
  • 12 Acre Corn maze honoring real life heroes--firefighters.  You may not want to come out of the maze because as you look for a way out, you will be able to learn interesting facts about the history of firefighting in America.

If you are like me, corn mazes make you a little nervous.  I took my kiddos to a corn maze last year.  Armed with a map and important markers to find along the way, I was convinced we would never get out.  We barely did.  I was frustrated and nervous and not a fun mom to be around.  And the whole point was to have fun.

Nicola has assured me that they have never lost  anyone in the maze.  The maze is packed with staff who know it inside and out, backwards and forwards since they have been working on it for so long.  This may be the one maze you can enjoy !

  • Sever's Corn Maze, Shakopee"On the Big Rock Tire Mountain."
  • Sever's Corn Maze, Shakopee"Mom, this is fun! Can you go to the top?"
  • Sever's Corn Maze, ShakopeeGetting corn in her shoes and loving every minute of it. Maybe no shoes was a good idea.
  • Sever's Corn Maze"Don't worry. I'll protect you!"

What's NOT included in Sever's Corn Maze Entry Fee:

What's not included in the entry fee is just a handful of things.

  • Sever's Arcade: $1-$2 (Pumpkin Alley & Zig Zag Squash Supreme)
  • Pumpkin Blasters: $5.00 (7-8 mini pumpkins)
  • Giant Slide: $2.00 per person
  • Sand Art & Face Painting: (Prices vary)
  • Hay Rides: $1.00 (Times posted at the maze)
  • Pony & Camel Rides: $5.00
  • Food & Beverages: $1.00 - $7.00--Carry-in food is not allowed in the courtyard or maze, but there are some nearby parks to enjoy.  The Festival also stamps your hand so that you can re-enter the same day.

Plan for a full day excursion at Sever's Corn Maze and Fall Festival.  You are going to be there a while!

This article was originally published by Anne on September 11, 2016 Family Fun Twin Cities received passes for our families to enjoy the fall fun in 2015.  When we visited for a quick preview, we fell in love with the place before Nicola even offered them to us.

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