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» Children’s Theatre Company
Free Wi-Fi Available
2400 3rd Ave S, Minneapolis, MN, United States
612.874.0400 (Tickets); 612.874.0500 (Administration)
Admission: $ 15.00
Tickets $15.00+ (With Scholarships Available)
Concessions Available
See website for individual performances

For over 50 years, Children's Theatre Company has been creating extraordinary theatre experiences that educate, challenge and inspire young people and the Twin Cities Community.

Theatre Arts Training at Children's Theatre CompanyACT Pass Program at Children's Theatre Company

CTC's Act Pass Program is a needs-based scholarship program for both the stage shows and for classes and camps. You can read more about Joy's experience with the ACT Pass Program here.

Theatre Arts Training at Children's Theatre

Besides children's productions, CTC also offers the Theatre Arts Training (TAT) Program. Gianna has shared her experience with TAT here; and Joy lists 10 benefits of theatre classes here.

Gianna has also interviewed Ellie McKay, the director of the TAT program. You can read that interview here.

Articles and Reviews of Past Productions by Children's Theatre Company

We love CTC and think our reviews speak for this fondness. While some productions are more appropriate for certain ages, we have never been disappointed.

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