Charlotte’s Web Storytime with Children’s Theatre Company at The Red Balloon Saturday

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This Charlotte’s Web Storytime and CTC Play are past; but the coloring pages and Scholastic game are still available.

Charlotte’s Web Storytime with Children’s Theatre Company
Red Balloon Bookshop, 891 Grand Ave., St. Paul, MN. 55105
Sat, Aug 24, 10:30 am 

Tomorrow, The Red Balloon Bookshop and the Children’s Theatre will pair up to present a Charlotte’s Web Storytime.  I’m really excited about this.  We read Charlotte’s Web last year.  By the end, I was the only one still interested.  I would like to try again this year, but with a multi-media blitz. So here is my plan for making this a really fun book to read together.

  1. Go to the Charlotte’s Web Storytime at the Red Balloon tomorrow.  Who better to get us excited about a book than the Red Balloon staff and the Children’s Theatre actors.
  2. Play some online games from Scholastic.  For the preschoolers, there is a game that involves clicking on the farm animals and hearing the noises they make.  My favorite activity is the Make a Comic Strip game.  Here’s my attempt.  You can see how much fun this could be.Charlotte's Web
  3. I’ve found a bunch of coloring pages and worksheets online.  Sometimes having something to color while they listen to the story helps them concentrate on it.  Homeschooling writer Autumn Jones has done a great job of gathering the various coloring pages and worksheets together at He Fills My Cup.
  4. Finally, we have to hit the State Fair and see the big pig. 

Hopefully all of these things together will make it a really fun read.  If it does, and they love it.  We can consider getting tickets to see the play at the Children’s Theatre.  I didn’t add watching one of the two movies together, but that will probably happen, too.

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